Pre-Made Recipe Formulations Information

Who Makes Them?

Under each recipe description, the maker of the formulation is listed. This person, not RFN, should be your contact point for questions.

What does Senior Friendly Mean?

Senior friendly simply refers to high quality protein levels and lower phosphorus levels (relative to traditional meat and bone heavy diets). It DOES NOT refer to increasing B vitamins with a complex, additional amino acid supplementation, or any therapeutic needs. Dogs can react to excess B vitamins, amino acid supplementation, and high levels of polyunsaturated fat. If your dog requires a therapeutic increase, please work with the professional for your own formulation Recipes are designed to use limited supplements, only where absolutely needed.

For a full explanation on senior requirements, click here: 

I like a recipe that isn't for my dog or cat's weight. What can I do?

Reach out to the formulator. They are likely able to modify it for a fee!

What do they include?

This is included in the description. Fundamentally, they will include the recipe, the prep guide, the nutrition analysis, and links to specific supplements as needed.

Please reach out to